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Smooth transformation of the payroll process giving only the advantages.

keeping your configuration

PCC is an add-on. It is based on the current payroll configuration and does not require changes to the payroll schemas, rules, other configuration and developments used by a customer. All the reports and other parts of the solution are available as earlier.


The solution provides processes and process steps as payroll operational blocks. Having each process in a corresponding status and always knowing what's completed and what's coming next is an obvious yet powerful organizer.

payroll KPIs

PCC introduces Key Performance Indicators for payroll, showing the health status of every payroll run. Statistical data on employees, state of integration with third-party systems for incoming data, posting results, and key payroll amounts.

checks and validations

Always on the safe side with the built-in automated payroll checks for gross pay, net pay, taxes, worktime, attendance, and organization structure.

issue management

Task delegation by payroll process manager to payroll administrators with the self-assignment option makes the issue tracking easy and transparent.

audit trails

Every process instance is kept forever in the system, including the notes of a payroll team member. Thus, it's always possible to get a detailed overview of the issues and how they were solved on any previous payroll run.

how modern payroll looks like

Unlike transactional payroll processing, which is overloaded with difficult manual steps, the future payroll is completely automated and requires guided user assistance only when necessary.


test payroll, anytime

A list of payroll processes sorted by their statuses keeps the payroll procedure visual and organized. A test payroll run process can be performed anytime prior to the production payroll.

Test payroll run creates non-production payroll results in declustered tables, performs automated validation rules, and calculates payroll KPIs.

pre-packaged processes

monitor KPIs and assign validation alerts

A list of payroll KPIs shows the current state of the payroll process compared to the previous period. Validation rules check master data and payroll anomalies. This is the key engine of PCC, taking a huge amount of workload off the HR & payroll specialists.

Pre-packaged KPIs and validations

track and solve issues

Payroll Process Manager assigns alerts to the team members, Payroll Administrators. Once the issue is solved, the policy validation result is renewed automatically.


perform productive payroll

Unlike the test payroll process, the productive payroll process generates productive payroll results and includes steps for posting simulation, releasing, and exiting the payroll area. Validations and KPIs are also in place and a new opportunity to change Master Data while payroll is in progress to fix issues.


complete post-payroll activities

Posting to GL and payment (pre-DME and DME files) are offered as a follow-up process.


audit previous processes when needed

Todos los detalles de resolución de problemas con los ejecutores y sus comentarios se mantienen en el sistema disponibles de inmediato.

common payroll problems solved

Manual and iterative steps

With automated validations, there's no need for repetitive manual verifications anymore.

Complex calculations

Complicated spreadsheet reconciliation is not the case with PCC as all that is done automatically.

Long batch processing

PCC uses declustered payroll results available immediately for validations. No more overnight background batch jobs.

High cost

Due to the huge manual workload, deadlines, rush, and consequent errors, the cost of ownership of the old payroll solution is significantly higher than that of PCC, offering low COO due to the fast, auditable, and error-free procedure.

Unnecessary work

All the disparate reports, downloading HR and payroll data from the system, sending it to the team members, checking line-by-line, and manual reconciliation in Excel,- all that is not the case anymore.

Work overlap

Old payroll is firmly linked to the few-day payroll processing window in which lots of work need to be done. With any time tests, the company is ready for the payroll when it's time.

Swift Start Package

fast deployment

The pre-configured solution is being adjusted to the customer country version and solution specifics. No need to spend time and money on the implementation from scratch.

10 built-in KPIs

A wide range of KPIs compares the latest payroll to the previous period in part of the company population, amounts, worktime, integrations, finance, and other areas.


Saving months of work with the agile deployment of the pre-configured content, training, support, and detailed documentation.

50 built-in validations

Always on the safe side with the built-in automated payroll checks for gross pay, net pay, taxes, time and attendance, and organization structure.


Build-in multi-country support with an opportunity to configure customer validation rules directly in production by payroll accountants.

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ITertop Swift Start Package
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ITertop Swift Start Package
contains the following KPIs and payroll validations