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We possess deep practical experience across the diversity of country versions including development of a custom payroll driver as well. Using best practices and SAP implementation methodologies, including latest SAP® Activate®, enhanced by our task-solving, project measuring and management techniques, we are glad to offer top-notch implementation service. We are highly concentrated on Go Live on-time and budget, assisting our clients in dropping the excess load and using best practices to get maximum functional value from the solution.


Reduce your operation costs with our complete HR solution support. All SAP ERP HCM components covered, including multi-country Payroll, Time Management, Talent Management, integrated components and interfaces to third-party systems. Our maintenance service bases on the commonly recognized service operation frameworks and aligned with the agreed SLA. Basically, it includes issue resolution, changes implementation, end user support and assistance with the execution of regular functions and keeping the systems up-to-date with the monthly HR Support Packages from SAP.


Complimentary Expertise

You might need to put something specific in order. It can be a particular integration task, a new overtime remuneration rule, a quarter bonus or you might want a new beautiful payslip.
We are happy to do that for you.
At first we perform a preliminary analysis and provide you with the solution recommendation with no charge and no obligations from your side.

Quality Assurance

Complete quality assessment of an implementation project. The product comprises complex research, involving interviews with the key users and support team, documentation review and in-depth inspection of system configuration and ABAP developments. As a result, we provide a QA report with detailed recommendations. We also offer quality control along with a running implementation.

we deliver.

HR Transformation

We help you plan your digital HR strategy and re-engineer and streamline your HR within your strategic model. The construction and execution of HR transformation roadmap is a multifaceted campaign. On top of the functional and technical activity areas, we focus on the company transformation providing HR business consulting and Change Management. Once your strategic goals are determined, we conduct research and build an as-is model of processes. Then we construct an optimized to-be model to achieve the goals and make your HR cheaper, faster and more competitive. Then we build a roadmap and implement to-be models using SAP software and provide advice on purchasing modern technology.

Project Management

Each project is unique and demands its unique qualifications and approaches that are often impossible to identify beforehand. Management of a project is a particular enterprise that can’t be taught by a book or a set of lectures. It is not only about choosing a methodology and performing sequential steps but a deeply practical venture, very different from project to project, comprising building people activity in a way that achieves project goals. We are sure that having a solid in-field implementation background and SAP system knowledge are must-have features of a successful implementation project manager. Our project management service bases on our management experience, proven methodologies (both agile and waterfall), our extensive functional experience in SAP ERP HCM and profound understanding of all the undergoing project activities.

Solution Architecture

A good architect grasps the system landscape as a whole, keeping in mind all the possible integrations, updates and developments. Architecture starts from the early idea of a project and covers both server sizing and a prediction of the systems adaptation to the business change. We tend to minimize unmanageable enhancements and follow SAP standard guidelines for better stability and confidence.


Roll-out is typically a repeated implementation but with its specificities. A roll-out of an international template to a new country differs significantly from roll-outing an existing solution to a new factory. The project also can substantially change if a new instance is chosen and depending on an integration environmant. We structure the project according to your needs. A proper roll-out is not a fresh implementation but should use previous implementations completely, that's why structuring the initial template gives good clarity on the roll-outs.


Upgrading the system brings new business functions, system features and can give more opportunities to strengthen company's HR management.  At the same time, for a particular case, it can cost more than it gives, and keeping your version running updated with legal changes makes the best deal. That’s why it’s essential to get an expert conclusion before starting the upgrade. If you are planning an upgrade to S/4 HANA and Successfactors ECP, we are glad to explain options delivered by SAP already and expected in the nearest future and build a roadmap for you. We are happy to provide you with a detailed pros and cons report. Once the favourable decision is taken, we are glad to perform an upgrade.

Support & Evolution

We are proud to provide the service of evolving the system by natural changes according to the business needs, keeping the version and stability at the same time. A natural change is ideally a customizing; it never breaks the solution architecture, complies with SAP standard so that the system can be easily updated and supported.

Change Management

It's all about people. The efficiency of an SAP HCM Implementation is not only in the software, but how the people accept it. A truly successful implementation always involves key users from the early beginning and makes them the project decision-makers, clarifies the strategic needs to everyone in the company and keeping the project drive by treating all the plans and milestones seriously.

Cutover management

Cutover is one of the most delicate phases of an implementation project as this is when the new system starts working productively and the old one stops. That's why managing it demands in-depth knowledge of both HR/payroll and SAP functionality. We plan it in a tiny detail to avoid or minimize the breaks in the business operations. The clarity on the roles and responsibilities and consistent communication are the tools to make it right.

System Configuration

Proper configuration is based on involvement of the business users, deep knowledge and experience. The easiest way to get an unstable system is to create a situation where the goals could have been achieved by customizing but have been reached by custom developments instead. Our configuration rule number one is to avoid such cases and utilize the standard customizing potential up to maximum.

ABAP Development

In case the software delivery doesn't fit the business requirements or a need for an additional stand-alone functionality arises, the developments are justified. ABAP for HR has its own approaches for fetching and processing, and we know how to leverage its tips and tricks to use this powerful tool for enhancing the HR & Payroll applications and keeping them consistent as a part of an integrated solution.

Data Migration

We have strong experience of migrating HR/payroll data to SAP systems from non-SAP sources. We have our own tools for data conversion and cleansing tailored to the SAP ERP HCM payroll implementation projects. Neat migration also takes into account the features of the target database and use cases. For example, a migration to S/4 HANA or payroll declustering requires review of the applications working with the data and their optimization if necessary.

System Integration

Besides classical built-in integration between SAP components such as payroll and financials, the business might benefit from the integration of HR/payroll solution with a bunch of SAP and non-SAP software, for example with budgeting and time data systems. For our integration projects, we usually recommend to use SAP software: PI/XI servers and ALE/IDOC technologies, however, we also have a successful experience with third-party integration software, specifically Oracle service bus. Behind us, there are also a few interesting integration solutions with the system of HR record running non-SAP software integrated with the SAP payroll system. What comes first is not the technical approach, but the process and business impact in order to measure the advantage and proceed.

Security and Authorizations

It's not only essential to create a secure system but to provide a manageable process for user administration and authorization for scaling systems. Unlike any other system component, HR uses structural authorizations based on the organizational hierarchy. Precise use of structural authorizations smoothes onboarding and administering of HR/payroll users as makes additional configuration unnecessary. In distributed multi-instance landscapes, we also utilize the use of centralized portal role-management and SAP Central User Administration. Our clients invite us as independent SAP ERP HCM authorization experts to audit and even non-payroll implementation projects on SAP GRC, CUA . There were also successful accomplishments of very strict security requirements, including double verification principle, custom authorization objects and data encryption in database tables.


Tests are a part of any work in our field. It's crucial to ensure the solutions are ready for business use before deployment, so suggest our clients include the full range of tests in the test strategy: user acceptance, integration, configuration, unit (developments, interfaces, batches), conversion, security, regression, performance, load, backup, parallel, cutover testing. We have developed a testing approach, which includes continuous maintenance of the test catalogue from the early beginning as a part of regular project documentation. All the issue scenarios and customer-specific cases are being collected and ranged in the test catalogue together with business-defined tests and predefined scenarios we provide to our clients. Our techniques include automated test scenarios, payroll result comparison and master data copy between systems. We regularly provide detailed and transparent test monitoring diagrams according to the schedule to the client management.


Training is not only providing technical knowledge but an assurance of profound involvement of the users into the new process. User training is not about information but practical knowledge of execution a business function inside it. Such kind of hands-on knowledge can be transferred through practice only. Our user training approach gives such a practice with a series of workshops and gamified exams. To the complex distributed organizations, we apply a know-how "train the trainer" approach where we prepare and certify coach-users within the organization to distribute the knowledge among the function owners.


Decent documentation can save a system as it gives a snapshot of a system in its best condition. An essential documentation pack always includes Business Blueprint, Customizing Description and Test Scenarios. Solution or Change Request can serve as a Blueprint for small tasks or, vice versa, a hierarchy of Blueprints are required in case of complex projects and rollouts. If no documentation available, we also provide a service of building a Solution Document (aka reverse Blueprint) from the system.

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