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Since 2008 we are delivering outstanding business results to our clients with SAP®SuccessFactors® software. In 2017 we started leveraging Data Science and Machine Learning technologies to provide complete intelligent solutions.

Being ensured the payroll is the most complex, delicate, and often underappreciated component of HR, we believe making it stable, efficient and scalable is a backbone of people management and a prerequisite to leverage modern next-level technology.

That's what we do.
Taking care of your digital solution to let you do business.


We do solve complex tasks in interconnected environments across a diverse range of country versions focusing on the business value we deliver to our clients.


We are goal-driven and dedicated to the result, and we are proud to provide far-reaching business solutions in the tightest timeframe.

on deck

We work remotely for our clients worldwide, which allows us to get down to business immediately and provide affordable prices for the top quality service.

payroll solution map

Complete value-added solution for business.

Not bare technology, but well-organized framework for solving business tasks effectively, adressing stakeholders' needs by mastering the processes, service delivery and the best technology available on the market.

rapid payroll improvements

fast results from our high-speed solution packages.

payroll automation with payroll control center

Complete implementation on a turn-key basis for on-premise and cloud customers.

the future of payroll, available now

Payroll Control Center (PCC) is the most modern SAP platform for payroll processing for cloud and on-premise customers. Instead of meeting payroll deadlines for payroll steps like payroll run, payment, posting to accounting, and reporting, the solution suggests a flexible framework to perform automated checks and solve issues before payroll runs.

The solution works with existing payroll configuration and is in the focal point of SAP payroll development and updated regularly - the latest update is HRSP 83 from August 2020.


Preconfigured processes, KPIs and automated validations makes it easy to use.
  • Process-oriented
    • Perform one-click test payroll run anytime.
    • Analyze automated master data and custom configurable checks ('policies') and payroll KPIs.
    • Manage payroll issues: assign and solve.
    • Perform production payroll according to the payroll schedule.
    • Perform automated post-payroll activities.
  • Next-level user experience.
  • Constant minitoring and issue tracking.


No more cumbersome verification and reconciliation. Process orientation with KPI tracking, transparent task delegation, and audit trails kept forever makes the solution easy manageable. Finally, it's a working opportunity to get rid of the time consuming manual iterative spreadsheet analysis and rushing into the payroll closure window. Testing runs are now possible anytime as well as looking through alerts from previous runs without limitations.

ITertop Swift Start Package

Preconfigured Payroll Control Center with a wide range of KPIs and validation rules, fast deployment methodology, and complete documentation pack.

Company payslip is obviously the top influencer on employee experience, being an important repetitive document

A correct, detailed and easy-to-read payslip eases HR & payroll workload.

neat forms

Improve employee experience with the detailed and nicely organized PDF payslip, time statement and other forms. Add the company logo and all the detailed additional information such as absences, calculation details, remained quotas, and other data.


Many customers are still using old text payslips with poor output, but there's a wonderful device-independent technology from SAP and Adobe existing for years.

A weak payslip with no master data information, no time data details, without used and remained quota, not showing absences in the period in workdays and hours, and also lack of average calculation details can lead to misunderstanding and increased workload on HR & payroll teams.

Offer details

We are happy to deliver a detailed and beautiful payslip in corporate style with all the necessary and additional information. We are sure that a good payslip contains all the information necessary to verify the important numbers.

complimentary consulting

For SAP and SAP SuccessFactors customers we analyze an issue or change in your SAP ERP HCM or SuccessFactors ECP system and provide you with the solution recommendation for free.


You might want to put something specific in order, but do not know where to start or just would like to get an advice.


We are happy to do that for you, analyse the problem, your business and system environment, and propose a solution for the processes and system configuration.

Preliminary analysis of any issue for SAP clients is performed free of charge.

Once completed, we create a Task Declaration document, containing:

a. Recommendation with the ready-to-use solution approach and configuration advice.

b. Proposal with the preparatory workload estimation in case if you would like to proceed on the solution with us.

free of charge

understanding a question is half an answer

Socrates, Essential Thinkers

let's get started

We are happy to show you the power of immediate kickoff and the most elegant solutions.

ITertop Experts

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Are you a success-oriented SAP HCM enthusiast?
Great! Here we are, an evolving team of partners, completely dedicated to providing top-notch services to our clients and self-development.
Are you a freelancer or permanently working professional seeking for the ways to move forward?

We'd offer you a partnerhsip with us and your space for movement.

Our clients would use your expertise, or you might want to prefer to work on one of our internal projects on the SAP Payroll tools development and deployment. If you are more into management, there's also a lot to take over.

Probably you have created an interesting core HR or payroll&time solution adding value to SAP Payroll?

Let's collaborate then.

You might consider working with our clients on your solution.

Maybe you are a novice zealous in starting SAP HCM career with train-insaine-or-remain-the-same attitude?

Working with ITertop experts will give you that boost you are looking for. It's a great way to start.

You'll complete the hard training and get a personal mentor that will be looking after you at first. Then welcome to the field!

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